Survivor Earth for iPhone 13 Pro

Survivor Earth for iPhone 13 Pro

Survivor Guaranteed for Life
Shipping to EU / UK

All-Terrain Earth is our most sustainable, and protective case yet. How did we do it? By flipping case design inside-out, starting at the core. All-Terrain Earth leverages harder sustainable materials to suspend your device in an ultra-protective sandwich of soft, shock-absorbing layers. In fact, Earth delivers 4 layers of protection comprised of both soft and hard sustainable bioresins for a superior balance of ergonomics, such as a lighter weight, ultra-grip and durability. Eco-friendly to the max, inspired by actual use cases, Earth delivers the ultimate level of sustainable protection.


  • 20-ft Drop Protection
  • Made From Sustainable Materials
  • 4 Layer Protection with Parametric Shock Protection
  • Antimicrobial Defense
  • Raised Edge Screen & Camera Protection
  • Dust Resistant Port Covers
  • Added Grip via Contoured Channels and Textures.
  • Inspired by Performance design in Proven Products
  • Slim & Ergonomic
  • Textured Grips
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Discoloration Defense
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Works with Wireless & MagSafe-charging
  • 5G Compatible



iPhone Protection


iPhone 13 Pro

[spec-block compatibility]

iPhone 13 Pro

[spec-block dimensions]

6.07 x 3.11 x 0.56 in

[spec-block weight]

0.27 lbs